Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas trains and guardian angels

There was a Christmas competition going on locally during the last couple of weeks. In order to participate, and get the chance to win a hamper (ho ho ho), all you had to do was send an sms completing this sentence in not more than ten words: "I love Christmas because ...". A work collegue of mine dedicated so much effort in trying to complete this sentence it had almost become a question of life or death to come out with something original! She finally came out with this: "I love Christmas because it brings out the child in every one of us" :)

I wonder how true this is! Many people claim that Christmas is the most commercial feast of the year during which businesses flourish while there are people in other countries in the world who are dying of hunger. Ok. I am not trying to sound like a little angel on earth! Far from it! I love presents and all the commercial stuff that Christmas brings along with it. However, I do think that it is important to remember the religious aspect of this feast, an aspect that many do not even consider. Scrooge's Christmas spirits would be working overtime if they really existed!! ;)

Oh well! Christmas also brings with it a lot of childhood memories. The sweetest Christmasy thing I cherish till today is when my Mum gives me my little train in the picture below to hang on the Christmas tree. Everyone at home knows it is my train. I also still remember when me and my sister used to try to wait awake for Christmas Father to catch him red-handed ... but we never managed! or when we used to compete who will count the highest number of window decorations on our way home from granny's :) I could go on forever.

Back to my starting point ... "I love Christmas because 27 years ago on Christmas day, my guardian angel was born, my precious sister" :) . Happy Birthday Mar! and Happy Christmas to everyone ... ho ho ho

photo taken by Caska, Christmas 2004


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