Saturday, May 13, 2006

"The" Flag

According to Wikipedia, Patriotism denotes positive attitudes by individuals to their own civic or political community, to its culture, its members, and to its interests. To actions towards other countries, or to non-civic groups, are not generally described as 'patriotic', and they may be referred to by a specific name, such as pro-Greek philhellenism.

To some, patriotism has connotations of self-sacrifice, implying that the individual should place the interests of the community above their personal interests, and in extreme cases their lives. In wartime, patriotism as so understood is assumed to be the main driving force for participation in military operations, certainly if it is voluntary. In this context patriotism is seen as an explanation for the apparent suspension of the instinct for self-preservation, which implies that all humans would avoid a battlefield.

Others, however, associate patriotism with the common good, with the aim of responding to conflicts in ways which ensure that everyone benefits. As such, patriotism has ethical connotations: it implies that the political community is in some way a moral standard or moral value in itself.

Whenever I see this flag I feel proud to be Maltese! ... :-)

taken by Caska on 01.05.2006


At 31 January 2013 at 14:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray for Malta!


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