Monday, March 27, 2006

A new friend

taken by Caska on 26.03.2006

Eat and let eat!

Cookout at Mizieb ... the last piggying out. Healthy dieting as from tomorrow! Will post about this dieting in a couple of months!!

taken by Caska on 26.03.2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

Filfla Going Down Down Down

Yesterday I spent around 6 hours off-roading with my friend aboard his landrover ("il-Bruce"). With all the hopping I couldn't even keep my camera still for a photo! However, this picture captures the spirit of the Route Hunt adventure ...
An old 1942 compass and 1982 maps, a ruler and pencil, a thermos with coffee and lots of enthusiasm were the mixture of ingredients which made this day unforgettable!

taken by Caska on 05.03.2006 - Filfla