Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas aftermath

Christmas Day is over! Every year I get the usual feeling … that you would have been waiting and preparing so long for the 25th December, but then ... it passes quickly like any normal day (if "someone" had to read this ... lengthy materialist-accusations would follow!!).

hmmm like every year too, my grandfather, a retired proud-to-be-an-ex-British Royal Navy Chef, prepared his special soufflé. Probably, that is the favourite part of the day for most of my family … piggying over the superb sweets he prepares! :)

Now New Year’s Eve is approaching, I wonder if maybe for once I will think of a New Year’s resolution! I have a whole week to think about it ;)

mouth-watering Christmas moments ...

photo taken on 25/12/2004 @09:27


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