Sunday, January 09, 2005

Fold that plastic bag!

With the introduction of eco-tax, Maltese media reported that as expected, the cost of plastic bags will go up. Thus, it is no longer possible for shop owners to continue distributing plastic bags free of charge. No eco-tax will be introduced on bio-degradable bags. Some supermarkets have also introduced cloth bags, which are more durable. All this in the light of the noble aim to discourage the use of plastic bags. Great idea!!

hmmm one can already notice several variations on the charges of plastic bags; ranging from 3c to 5c ... and even more for a slightly larger plastic bag than the normal ones, supposedly because of the different qualities of the bags!

So ... if you don't have enough space to carry a cloth bag here is the solution in 6 easy steps
;-) It's fast, easy, saves you money and it helps save the environment by reusing the same bag!

Step 1. Smoothen a plastic bag and fold in two
Step 2. Fold again from the middle (the shape is now similar to a rectangle)
Step 3. Fold the "rectangle" diagonally ...
Step 4. ... until you have a triangle shape
Step 5. Fold the handles into the slit of the triangle
Step 6. Carry your neatly folded space-saving plastic bag in your pocket

photos by Caska January 2005


At 14 March 2005 at 10:43, Blogger Beach Bum said...

Hi Caska, greetings from Ahmedabad, India.

It would be a wonderful thing if everyone used plastic bags twice. It would save our plant from being choked by half-a-million less bags every minute. Yes, we dump one million plastic bags a minute!

The sad thing is that even if plastic bags were re-used a couple of times, the problem would still be colossal.

Every plastic bag ever made is still on Earth, choking landfill or being ingested by some innocent creature mistaking it for food, who then dies an early and painful death because their systems can’t process or get rid of plastic.

Reusable fabric bags are the only solution and carrying them can become quite easy because we’ve designed quite a few that just fold into little pouches and sit comfortably in your pocket. Yes, they aren’t free, but what’s a couple of bucks to look after your own planet?

See the blog I write on this subject at

I hope you are interested enough to include a few of those stories on your blog. I’m told Malta is a beautiful place, and I’m sure you’ll want it to remain so.


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