Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nostalgia strikes back!

I have been on a nostalgia kick lately ... not a mellow, sighing sort of nostalgia but rather one that longs for times long out of my memory and probably even nonexistent today.

Some people say that each one of us is like an onion because we all have many layers and over time we keep discovering new things about ourselves. The clock ticks our days off and then ... little by little we learn new things. I learnt many things these past few days which catapulted me into a sea of melancholy. I have learned that I need to be patient and let time take its time. I actually feel some butterflies inside watching, waiting in hope.

These past few days, life has showed me how to hate my burning anger and my suffocating pain ... the eagerness to feel a touch and yet again ... to seek control on anything that might expose me to a world of pain. Could it be that the hope I keep hanging on is right now reading this?


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