Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Captured silhouette on my little rock

Photo taken by Caska on 11/01/2005 @ 17:20

Silhouettes lack the colorful details of traditional portraits or landscapes and seascapes. The subject is often captured as a black outline against the rest of the picture, generally highlighted by the light of the sun. These images although lacking color can often express powerful moods and emotions :) That is why this is my favourite style to photograph. This photo was taken today ... after a day's hard work seeing that beautiful sky I just wished to be part of it. Sadly ... I am in the dark part of the picture ...

A little thought on silhouettes and shapes by "Inspirations"::

The world is filled with shapes and silhouettes, so why are some more desired than others? A particular curve or a certain line can command passion from a multitude, whilst another may remain undesired. They could be over and done with, only to be declared a treasure immediately after. Shape is an enigma, always altering and always evolving, we dress it up in silhouettes and fancy names but it is a shape and should be appreciated at it's purest level.


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