Friday, September 23, 2005

Airshow highlights: Day 2 - Arrivals

Finally today all the aircrafts participating in this year's Maltairshow have landed and are ready to kickstart tomorrow's display at 10am to entertain aircraft enthusiasts who are quite numerous here in Malta!

Today's highlight for me was the arrival of the Red Arrows acrobatic team which arrived in Malta in the afternoon, I think some time around 14:50. I was longing to see the Red Arrows once again in Malta! This photo taken digitally is my pick for the day. The aircrafts are forming an arrow themselves ... but what interests me most is the formation of the white smoke which resembles the letter L which is particularly symbolic to me! Could be that the Red Arrows were saluting me at that particular instant!? ;-)

UK's Red Arrows acrobatic team taken by Caska on 23.09.05


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