Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Yesterday morning while waiting for someone to open the office at work I managed to take this beautiful scene which I named “Divergence”. The ship and the tug boat came out of the inner port together and were extremely fascinating as they diverged each to their own direction once they almost reached the tip of the breakwater … one back to the port and the other leaving the Grand Harbour.

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taken by Caska on 06.09.2005 @07:39

This diverging action brought to my mind psychology lectures and the concepts of divergence and convergence which I still remember vividly! When we are exploring and making decisions, we use two generic processes: divergence and convergence…naturally, they have quite different thinking methods.

We use divergent approaches when in need to explore and find new things, a process of looking for options, new ideas and so on. Very important in divergent thinking is to be open. This gives way to a creative generation of ideas generated without judgement or thought about which works best.

Convergence is the opposite …when you are thinking convergently, you are seeking a conclusion, an answer, and closure on the topic in question and the decision is made. For many people this is a point of great satisfaction. For others, it includes the worry that you might have got it wrong...


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